GOS5701 – Public and Private Healthcare in Brazil and its Policies

GOS5702 – Evidence-Based Medicine

GOS5703 – Health Technology Management and Evaluation

GOS5704 – Healthcare Organizations and the Environment 

GOS5705 – Evaluation and Quality in Health Services

GOS5706 – People Management in Healthcare Organizations

GOS5707 – Service Networks and Models of Healthcare Organizations

GOS5708 – Legal Aspects of Health Management

GOS5709 – Healthcare Organizations: Notions of Public Administration

GOS5710 – Pharmaceutical Management and Technological Supplies 

GOS5711 – Economics Applied to Health

GOS5712 – Finance and Costs in the Healthcare Sector

GOS5713 – Information Technology in Healthcare Organizations

GOS5714 – Clinical Research

GOS5715 – Fundamentals of Epidemiology

GOS5716 – Professional Tutoring

GOS5717 – Diagnostic Technology in Nuclear Medicine

GOS5718 – Data Analysis and Treatment I

GOS5719 – Data Analysis and Treatment II

GOS5720 – Statistical Methods and Process Monitoring

GOS5721 – Monitoring and Analysis of Research Projects

GOS5722 – Evaluation of Quality of Care and Adoption of Clinical Protocols

GOS5723 – Methodological Principles in the Development of Research Protocols

GOS5724 – Territorialization and Healthcare Networks: Legal, Geographic, and Epidemiological Aspects

GOS5725 – Innovation Management in Healthcare

GOS5726 – Technology Assessment in Healthcare

GOS5727 – Technology Management in Healthcare